vendredi 23 février 2007

Antoine, the anti super hero

Antoine Pietri wants to be a journalist because of Superman. Even through, this 23-years-old man does not dream about being a marvellous hero. “It is not really well viewed to be a marvellous hero”. He is even quite humble.

And yet he had already a lot of experience. In his weekly city newspaper first, Toutes les Nouvelles, where he has been writing as a freelancer for two years. Then to the French national weekly newsmagazine Marianne, in May 2005. A “cool” experience according to him. “Every Wednesday evening, the editing team shared a meal to celebrate the end of the locking up of the current issue. It was a very open-minded team, very free. The people were doing what they said”, he says.

From January to May 2006, he worked at the Smithsonian Magazine, in Washinton D.C., as part of his studies. His work was to correct all the mistakes, both grammatical, and those based on the facts. A very interesting experience. To such a point that he says he would like to work there. “I just would like to find a job. And I do not have the ambition to be a reporter in the newspaper Le Monde. I am not so interested in hard news. I prefer to have hindsight, to have time to check on the news”.

And to play music, his passion. He plays guitar and bass in a music group every Tuesday evening. As a surprise, one of his preferred music band is the ‘Angle-Grinder Man’, a superhero for our times as it has been defined by the New York Times.

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